So iPad apps are more expensive – are app makers treating it like a cash cow?

529 ipad-apps.jpg

As we feared last week, looks like iPad apps are pricier than the iPhone ones we’ve come to know and love. Seems like app makers have exploited the launch of Apple’s luxe gadget to bump the prices up on their apps.

That, and the fact that the iPad favours a new kind of app – eBooks and eMagazines – make the average price of an iPad app a slice more than they are on iPhone.

A report on says that some apps have genuinely doubled in price: they mention Firemint’s Real Racing game which has doubled in price from $6 to $12 while the core elements of the app remain the same; and Things, an organisation app, is $12.99 for iPhone, but a massive $23.99 for iPad.

This iPad is pricey enough, especially if you’re planning on getting one of those 3G versions but it looks like inflated app prices will be another cost for iPad owners to face. Still, one million iPad apps were downloaded on the first day, so people may be willing to fork out.

Anna Leach