iPad apps shaping up to be costly: prices set high for Wall Street Journal

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Pricey something? Seems that as soon as you’ve shelled out for the ‘Pad, and then shelled out a bit extra for the 3G version and the data package to go with it, you’ll be expected to cough up sizeably more for all the apps and content to go on it. While iPhone/iPod apps tend to be free or £1.79 for a pricier one, content on iPad will cost a lot more and you’ll often have to renew subscriptions on a monthly basis. That’s largely because lots of the projected content for iPad is traditional old school stuff like books and magazines.

For example, The Wall Street Journal will charge $17.99 (£12) a month for access to the newspaper on iPad. Even if you’re quite app-happy on iPhone, you’d think twice about blowing £12 on something, especially if it will only work for a month.

I mean, that’s not totally unreasonable in newspaper terms, but seeing as a print & online subscription can be had on a current deal for £1.96 per week or £8 a month it does seem slightly ridiculous pricing the iPad version above the print version, considering there aren’t any paper or distribution costs.

Would you pay that much for an app?

Anna Leach

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