Quarter of Wired.com mobile traffic now coming from iPads

Even though the devices are only available in the US, and have only been in shops under four weeks, a quarter of mobile traffic to site Wired.com now comes from iPads.

It hasn’t corresponded with a jump in hits, so it seems that readers who would have previously looked the site up on iPhones or iPods have upgraded to an iPad and are now using it to browse and read the web rather than the smaller devices.

654 ipad-traffic-660.jpg

I guess it’s not a surprise that early adopters are keen on reading techie blogs either. 600,000 iPads have been sold to date.

[via wired.com]
Anna Leach

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  • I wish that they could improve the iPad so that it actually worked better than just a giant iPod Touch… When do you think it will be able to tether to the iPhone so that you can have wireless everywhere you go (for real though…)

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