Preview of Blackberry's new User Interface, arriving July

All my good intentions of understanding more about Blackberry’s new user interface Blackberry 6 (arriving in July) sort of disappeared when Boom Boom Pow from the Black Eyed Peas started playing on the introductory video.

I just bopped my head backwards and forwards a bit and stared at the flashing screen, mesmerised…. watch it below:

But if you failed to remember anything from that video except the bit where the man in the suit sort of fondles his chest, then here are a few bullet points to clear up the essential take-aways.

What to expect from the new Blackberry User Interface:
– Crisp, more immersive visuals, including new graphics, animations and transitions

– A new faster and more efficient browser (with tabs!)

– Multi-touch support (e.g. pinch to zoom) while browsing, viewing photos, etc.

– They have redesigned the core apps including slapping a new UI on the media player

– New Home Screen experience; multiple views based on content type (All, Favorites, Downloads, Media, etc.), universal search

– New app for integrating RSS and social networking feeds

Anna Leach


  • Cool! I hope that Apple continues to create these features so that BB can keep COPYING them.this website is really convenient to all***

  • Cool! I hope that Apple continues to create these features so that BB can keep COPYING them. Seems the only way to get real UI improvements these days is for Apple to develop, produce & ship them and then have the REST of the industry clone the the heck out of them. Nice job BB–albeit 3 yrs too late..

  • “It’s nice to see RIM take a step to modernize the BlackBerrys user interface. But when rivals such as Motorola, HTC and even Microsoft with the Kin smartphones are integrating features such as social networking, video and cloud syncing into their devices, RIM’s efforts seem too little too late.”

    Perhaps you should research more. Blackberry already offers Social Media integration through downloadable applications, just like the iphone.

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