Make your iPhone into an iPad with the magic Pad-Dock from iWOOT

516 pad-dock_alt2.jpg

Got an iPhone, fancy an iPad but don’t really want to shell out £500 for one? the folks over at iWOOT have got the answer for you.

The iPad is just a iPhone/iPod with a bigger screen right? Well getting really logical, they’ve just created an iPhone magnifier – a dock with large screen turning your 3.5″ iPhone into a 10″ iPad. Genius.

They say:
“The IWOOT Pad-Dock, a portable dock for your iPhone, miraculously transforms the device into an iPad. By using some clever wizardry and a touch-screen magnifier, your iPhone screen is literally enlarged to the exact dimensions of an iPad.”

And it ain’t just a magnifying glass – touch-screen actually works:

“the IWOOT Pad-Dock perfectly enlarges the pixels on your iPhone and reassembles them on the iPad-size touch screen, ready for you to enjoy. Rechargeable via USB, the Pad-Dock will run for an astounding 22 hours, maximising your enjoyment.”

Hell this will impress everyone on the train home.

Yes, it is April Fool’s Day.

Pad-Dock available exclusively from iWOOT at 12.01 on 1st April

Anna Leach