Glow mood map iPhone app shows what cities are happy…

I love mood maps and someone has just gone and created an iPhone app that lets you rate your mood and map it on the world.

Glow- How Do you Feel from Heckacopter asks your location and then your feelings. You get to rate your mood on a scale of one to five stars. 1 star for sad of course, 5 for happy. Share your feelings! you know you want to…

Okay so whether you’re feeling more 3 stars today or 4 stars isn’t necessarily fascinating to the world but what is interesting is when lots of people do it and you can zoom out and see happy streets, sad streets, whether one city is more contented than another and how whole countries are feeling at particular times. Counter-intuitively, blue is happy and red is sad, with purple being a middling 3 stars.

Right now there are some mixed feelings in LA with some of the happiest ratings – lots of 5 stars but also some of the saddest. San Fran is looking a bit negative.. see the screen grab below:
219 glow 1.jpg

Londoners are a pretty steady 3/4. Feelings are also good in Cambridge and Liverpool but Birmingham and Wolverhampton seem to be a bit miserable.
219 glow uk.jpg

Like a lot of stuff this is fun on Google Maps but will be amazing when it gets into Augmented Reality. Then app will put a sheen of colour over the images of buildings and streets you see real-time through your phone’s camera, letting you know how people are feeling behind the walls.

This could be quite a powerful marketing tool – a lot of discontented employees could render your office an unhappy red or on the other hand, a positive 5 star blue.

Anna Leach