Samsung Jet Ultra TV phone in UK on O2

407 samsung_jet_s8000.jpg

O2 will be the first UK network to carry Samsung’s latest Jet handset – the Jet Ultra Edition. Available for free on a £20 tariff or with unlimited internet for £30pm, the first 10,000 customers will receive a set of three classic gangster films on DVD with their purchase.

The new Jet prides itself on integrated social networking, smart email syncing and widgets such as the BBC iPlayer app. As O2 put it: “It handles its applications like a man and multi-tasks like a woman.” Er, great.

As for the hardware: it has got a 5megapixel camera, a 3.1 inch AMOLED with vivid colours and resolution making watching TV a decent experience.

It’s the same 800 Mhz application processor inside but a reworked black and silver case on the outside. With 2gb of memory it also has wifi enabling fast downloads and speedy internet.

Samsung Jet Ultra, free on O2 with a £20 per month contract, but you’d probably want to go for the £30 pm contract – because that includes an unlimited web bolt-on. And all those nice apps ain’t much use without unlimited 3G internet.

Anna Leach