Getjar? – the app store predicting apps will outsell CDs by 2012

Apps will outsell CDs by 2012 a report from the world’s second biggest app store GetJar said today. Bigger news to consumers may be that Getjar is the second biggest app store in the world. Uh Get-what?

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Coming after the Apple app store Getjar have the greatest quantity of apps of any other mobile app store, currently beating Android. They aren’t the second biggest by revenue – most of the apps are free and arguably are behind Android in terms of quality – lots of the apps are equivalent to shorcuts to mobile websites. Still, they’re one to watch. We met a representative from Getjar back in October and wrote up 5 reasons why they could get really big.

But back to the claims about apps beating CD sales. Based on current trends, their stats stand up. The global mobile apps market is set to be worth $17.5billion by 2012. Where 7billion mobile apps were downloaded in 2009 – almost 50 billion are expected in 2012 – a year on year growth rate of 92%.

That would make the value of apps sold greater than the predicted value of the CD market in 2012 ($13.83bn).

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