High-Impact alarm clock Doro HearPlus shakes pillow as well as beeping the hell out of you

486 hearplus-333cl-51-p.jpg
If it takes more than wailing sirens to get you out of bed, maybe you should investigate the Doro HearPlus 333cl + Pillow Shaker.

Pop the sturdy cuboid clock under your pillow, set its vibrate mode on, and as well as pumping out decibels and flashing a light it will start buzzing and sending vibrations out through the pillow that you are mistakenly clutching in an attempt to shut out the real world.

No escaping that alarm clock. Initially designed for those with hearing impairments, it functions as well for the slug-a-beds, heavy sleepers and those with a habit of ignoring the weaker alarms on smaller clocks.

I guess you’ll jump out of bed in a state of terror and adrenalin, but hey, at least you’ll be awake…

The Doro HearPlus 333cl, £49.99 on bigeasyphone.com here

Anna Leach