Move over Slankets, meet the Sealpelt – the hot sofawear of 2010

487 sealpelts.jpg

Deep breath. You’ve just seen officially the best sofa-wear EVER, I’m not even interested in Slankets anymore. Called Sealpelts, made out of Icelandic wool and roughly the shape of a floppy baby-gro with a hood these are stitched in beautiful geometric patterns that somehow reference both new rave and traditional Nordic knitting at the same time.

I am so sold. Hell I’d wear these out and about if it weren’t for the fact that it covers your shoes.

Designed by Icelander Vik Prjonsdottir, they cite a tragic fairytale of a fisherman and a seal as inspiration. Er, cute I guess.

If Iceland needs something to kickstart its economy again – surely these Icelandic wool adult-sized baby-gros are the killer product to do it.

It seems they are only stocked in Reykjavik and New York, unfortunately they’re pricey too: $530.00 (£355) in the New York store Scandinavian grace, but much cheaper online $235.68 (w/o VAT) (£150) on Birkiland. Start saving for next Christmas now.

See more on seapelt here
[At time of writing the website was loading really slowly – I think sealpelts might have gone viral]

Anna Leach


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