App review: Digg for iPhone

Ah Digg, its fortunes may have waned a bit recently, but it’s still the go-to place for freakin’ great pictures of dogs sitting on top of other dogs. Now those pictures of dogs sitting on top of other dogs are available more easily on your mobile phone because Digg has just introduced an iPhone app.

485 diggiphone1.jpg

It’s free and it lets you browse, digg and bury stories that you want to, just like on the site. You don’t need an account to read stories, but if you want to submit anything you do need to log-in online.

The verdict: well everyone’s quite excited because digg is so big, but it pretty well does what you’d expect it to, nothing mind-blowing here. It’s a late entry to the app store for such a techie site, though I guess it will increase usage.

Anna Leach