Eye-Fi cards on sale in UK from April

477 eyefi thumb.jpgDo you remember those helpful little internet-enabled memory cards we told you about a little while ago? the Eye-Fi cards? Well their latest range which debuted at CES this year will be available in the UK from April they announced today.

Why are these memory cards better than other memory cards? Well they connect to the internet that’s why. As well as automatically uploading your photos and video to your computer when they pick up wifi, they also remove files once they’ve been safely uploaded to mean that you don’t run of space whenever you’re anywhere with wifi.

Wifi – Eyefi – get it? The latest X2 range feature more memory than before:

The Eye-Fi Connect X2 is £50 for a 4GB SDHC with a 802.11n Wi-Fi connection. Can automatically upload snaps and videos to Flickr, Facebook, Youtube, Picasa or one of 25 other options.

The Eye-Fi Explore X2 card (£100) has all the same Wi-Fi and upload features as the Connect. It also adds GPS geotagging to keep a track of where each photo was taken and doubles the storage space to 8GB.

The Eye-Fi Pro X2 can also handle RAW files and create ad-hoc PC connections if you’re too far from a wireless router. The Pro X2 card costs £120.

See more on the Eye-Fi website

Anna Leach