Got an idea for an app? Samsung want to hear it..

476 galaxy.jpgSometimes people have great ideas for apps, but just don’t have the developing skills to create them. Well in conjunction with the launch of their first phone to use the Google Android operating system, Samsung are launching an app idea competition.

All you need to do is think of an idea and submit it to their website, skipping out all the tedious developing aspect.The winning app idea will get made..

Suzi Perry, TV presenter and gadget expert, will be short-listing the ideas that will be put to a public vote. She sets out the criteria: “I’m looking for ideas that are fun and inventive or would be useful to my everyday life. It’s so exciting to be able to make someone’s idea become a reality as most people would be put off even thinking about developing an app because it’s too technical. We’re urging people not to worry about that….we don’t want to constrain creativity.”

My ideal app? currently that would be something that let me turn a desk and a wall into a keyboard and screen so I didn’t have to drag my laptop around with me everywhere. Okay, you’d need to invent a projector accessory to do that too. And it would have to sync remotely with my computer too. And probably have a spare battery. And order coffee?

If you want to enter send in your idea via the website The idea that gets the most votes gets made and will be available for everyone to download from Android Marketplace for free. As well as seeing their idea become a reality – the winner also gets £2,000.

Anna Leach


  • I am presently the owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note and was thinking,t it would be a good IDEA if there was an outside slot for a smart card that can be inserted to watch videos and maybe play games;  using a micro card. A whole new business can be created where I could purchase all types of movies/games on micro cards and play them on my next generation Samsung Note leaving the phone intact and making the above mentioned addition. You can contact me at [email protected]

  • I have discovred that no phone company has perfected the way to acutaaly bring the picture of the person who you are talking wit on the phone,and a build in phone chip remeberer that if i take my chip out the phone will still c which ever network that i am if u like my idea and have any comments email me at [email protected]

  • somehow, i don’t see samsung or the android store jumping at either one of those…

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