Making telephone wire into.. baskets

Baskets woven out of telephone wire may not sound like must-have it-items for the average house. I mean you’d just get a standard basket if you wanted a basket wouldn’t you?

475 image001.jpg

But despite being sceptical about the whole concept, I was won over by these Zenzulu baskets from Aram. Fair-trade, eco-friendly and winning awards for their design, these are some pretty nice baskets that look good in strong black and red patterns. Local village women weave the discarded wires together to create the baskets as designed by a S African designer Marisa Fick-Jordaan.

A twist on the traditional Easter baskets perhaps?

Zenzulu woven baskets, £85 from
nb: these claim to be new in store, though at time of writing, I couldn’t find them on the website.

Anna Leach