Whistle and your phone will respond: the Where is My Phone App

115 wheres my phone.jpgA delightful iPhone app from Little Worlds makes your iPhone to respond to your whistle. Train the app “Where is my Phone” to recognise your whistle then programme in a sound that you want it to do in response – a dog’s bark, a croak, a laugh or various bodily noises that I’m sure you can imagine.

Using the same sound recognition technology that we assume is in Shazzam, the app recognises your precise intonation and type of whistle, apparently it can distinguish you from other whistles and from a distance up to 30 metres away. Not bad.

– This means you can fool your friends into thinking that you are being followed by an invisible but responsive dog. Whistle-bark, whistle-bark, you get the gist. Or if you must, set it to a bodily noise and make a joke like “oh you farted”. LOL etc.

Little Worlds flag up a more serious use for Where is my Phone as well as the “humourous” one, the clue’s in the name – it can help find lost phones. So if you lose it, it will pipe up in response to your whistle.

I have to say that the time-honoured method of getting someone to ring your iPhone is probably going to work just as well – nay – better. What if your whistle is rendered different or unrecognisable by your emotional trauma at having lost your phone? Maybe it wouldn’t recognise you in your hour of need. Or simply, what if it’s a bit embarrassing wandering around a meeting room whistling? What if it farts in response. That could be awful.

Still, nothing like a responsive gadget, and this will make your iPhone more like a dog. What’s not to love about that?

It’s 59p on the app store and comes with 30 “response noises”.

Where is My Phone, 59p on iTunes

Anna Leach

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