Disco fridge, the talking sign post: the weird bits of Samsung's Vienna

3 fridge.jpg

Humorous by-products on display at the Samsung Forum in Vienna included disco fridge, a fridge with LED panels and some speakers bolted on playing pop music and flashing trippy patterns – the sort of fridge Lady Gaga would own, sadly disco fridge was just a one-off, but I’d consider it if it becomes commercially available.

4 sign.jpg

Samsung were also showcasing this funky outdoor display screen, which wasn’t humorous at all but was kept in a box of rain proving that it was indeed waterproof. Intended to replace public signs with this instantly updateable and interactive touchscreen, you could see how Samsung’s Outdoor Display could be very useful. Updateable and accurate information would be great in everything from bus stops to tourist placards. A speaker allows for audio information to be played as well.

The Display has an inbuilt heating and cooling system that protects its LCD screen from weather conditions.

It did claim to be vandalism proof too, though they didn’t demonstrate that.

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Anna Leach