UK Snow increases interest in illicit encouters…

25 illict encounters.jpgApparently the snow across Britain this week is disrupting more than public transport. Looks like marriages may be taking a hit too – well – if a report from a UK-based extra-marital dating site is to be believed. say that they received a huge surge in traffic yesterday, a rise it puts down to the heavy snowfall across most of Britain leaving people stranded at home. They say they have seen “an unexpected increase in visitors over the last 24 hours, and have received a record number of new profiles.”

Apparently interest in the site correlates with regional snowfall: the majority of new members registered from areas worst hit by the snow, including Hampshire, Berkshire, and the West Country. Illicitencounters say they have taken on extra staff to deal with the demand.

Spokesperson for the site Sara Hartley suggested that people being forced to spend the day at home were perhaps more tempted to stray “In light of these figures,” she said “I’d be interested to see how much work those “working from home” have actually done!”

I wouldn’t be surprised if stress over the Christmas holidays played a part in the surge as well, or maybe snow is just an aprohdisiac…The number of registrations on illicitencounters in the six days at the beginning of January was 2,567.

Anna Leach

One thought on “UK Snow increases interest in illicit encouters…

  • With the snow falling warm and feeling like a cuddle well whats the first thing up start feeling like well the stats show it all.

    If you married and home along for weeks with all the media on the radio, tv well you sit down at you pc and being a women well the boredom soon changes to excitement.

    Thats how my day started and the night was steamy with the snow still falling


    what a gentlemen great service for the lonely discreet women.


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