CES 2010: meet the earphones that vibrate to your music EarVibes

ces 2-3 vibrating headphones.jpgYou may never have thought you needed them, but Technocel have just invented vibrating headphones. Do they improve the listening experience? Apparently so..

The EarVibe earphones start to vibrate as the music hits low-frequency bass which “takes your listening experience to the next level” according to the makers. I suppose it replicates the experience you’d get in front of big speakers by making you physically vibrate to the beat of your music. Well just your ears of course.

Is this going to make earphone sore-ear syndrome worse? Might do. Though judging by the picture, the earpieces look nice and squishy.

Otherwise the earphones feature high-fidelity stereo sound and include a microphone for hands-free voice calls for clear conversation and music.

EarVibe from Technocel available 15 January for $29.99 at www.technocel.com

Anna Leach