The CO2RSET – a carbon-dioxide sensitive corset will teach you a lesson about air pollution

Weird invention of the week goes to the carbon-dioxide sensitive Corset, the C02rset.

Not only is this hook-and-eye corset sensitive to C02, it’s also gonna make darn sure that you’re pretty sensitive to C02 too after you’ve worn it, because as carbon dioxide levels in the air increase, tiny motors draw the laces in, tightening the corset.. Making it MORE DIFFICULT TO BREATHE. Like carbon dioxide does.. you see. The C02 sensors are sewn onto the front in an embroidery pattern.

This eco-conscious S&M piece is not part of a new range in Topshop but is in fact the creation of Kristin O’Friel, a student at NYU ITP, a New York art school, who made it as a school project last Spring.
59 CO2RSET-Details.jpg

It also optionally has a visual indicator on a jacket, shape changing ornaments or light-up patches to warn you about the C02 levels before you become so squished and breathless you can’t move.

See women and a man getting squished by the C0rset on Flickr
And Kirsten outlines the project and influences on her blog

[via Gizmodiva]
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