Pet Society turn BB's Lady Sovereign into an animated pet

Any Pet Society and Celebrity Big Brother fans out there? Combine your interests with a…. Lady Sovereign Pet Society character, the sort of weird beast that the create-a-virtual-pet game lets you make.

The British rapper and grime MC got kicked out of the celebrity Big Brother house last night for eating other people’s food, a corned beef sandwich among other things..

In Pet Society you can create your own pets and with a snappy response to current events, Facebook game Pet Society employees have created a Sov character that comes with its own corned beef sandwiches, raps and dances and kicks footballs around inside.

The likeness isn’t exactly striking.. here’s the original Sov:
58 ladysovereign1_1386421c.jpg

And the Pet Society version:
58 sov3.jpg

But I will say that the Pet Society version is IMHO cuter.

Anna Leach