UK's most downloaded app: iPint, the virtual beer

57 ipint uk app.jpgNews that Britain’s most downloaded iPhone app is the Carling iPint is a bit embarrassing. It’s more embarrassing when you learn that US’s is Facebook (for you know, keeping up with your friends) and that Europe’s is Shazaam (for appreciating music etc etc).

So what does that say? Are we a nation of fake pint drinkers? Well it does look like that, maybe it’s that sense of humour we’re famous for.. Of course, there were a lot of other apps downloaded by the great British public.

Most app stats tell you the downloads for a set period of time, a month or a year, but these, from comScore are for downloads ever, so no blaming this on a freak spate of humourous downloads. All the apps are free.

Anna Leach

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