Portable turntable from Crosley lets you mix on the move

A gadget that we didn’t notice at CES – but should have cos it’s really cool – is Crosley’s portable turntable, letting you mix on the move.

37 portable turntable 1.jpg

The Revolution runs on batteries, has a 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB out and is pretty small – well, we can’t tell how small exactly, all we’ve got are the pictures of the prototype, but it looks good huh. While not for vinyl purists, it is a fun way for people to play around with mixing without investing in massive room-dominating gear. And being tiny, the turntable is indeed portable. According to Gizmodo, it sounds great for a bedroom turntable and will feature software that will identify and tag your vinyl to digital rips.

The Revolution is slated for release in mid- to late-summer, for $150, in black at first and then in a variety of colours.

See the Crosley] site for updates

Anna Leach