Case chic comes to the Google Nexus One

Google’s Nexus One is cementing its status as a desirable phone: luxury case-makers are already rushing to case its slender slightly curvy body in plush materials. And the 3G network doesn’t even work on it yet. Well not one the one I saw last week.

Waterfield designs have coated it in suede leather in what they describe as a smart-looking and snug jacket. They’re also donating some of the proceeds to Haiti. Though it’s not luxe perhaps the coolest case of all is the little Android robot one that comes with it. Anything with that little robot on it just shows you’re really in with the whole Android chic.
78 google case.jpg

But full marks to Gelaskins for creating some beautiful manga-inspired case designs for the Nexus: they’re really lovely:

78 gela skins nexus.jpg

Anna Leach