CES 2010: Samsung launch new N-range netbooks with up to 12hr battery life

N210 whiteSamsung has enhanced its range of netbooks with four glossy hand-bag sized additions.

The big selling point of the Samsung netbooks: battery life. The N210 and N220 deliver a frankly incredible 12 hours of web browsing on one battery charge, the N150 and NB30 managing 8.5 hours and 11 hours respectively.

Other portability-friendly features include durable scratch-resistant cases with built in handles; an alert system that allows you to track the netbook if it gets stolen and One-Click connection to a home or office PC, making it safe and easy to transfer and view files between computers.

They look good too making them attractive and reliable on-the-go devices that you can easily chuck into a handbag.

The catch? These netbooks run on Intel’s Atom chips – power-economic yes, but slow compared to the dual-core chips available on higher-end netbooks and PCs.

The Samsung N210, N220 and NB30 will be available during January in the UK at leading online and high street retailers. The Samsung N150 will be available in January at selected retailers. No prices as yet.

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Anna Leach

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