Augmented Reality shoes from Adidas

91 ar shoe.jpgAugmented reality cameras and apps we can understand, spectacles yes, and even those augmented reality greetings cards from Hallmark. But shoes? There’s no screen, no visual interface.. shoes are just plastic and leather things you put your feet in. But not for much longer. Adidas have promised an augmented reality shoe…

The Originals AR Game Pack is a range of five shoes in different colours and styles that will have an AR code built in to the tongue. When held in front of a webcam, the code will unlock access to an area on Adidas’s website with a series of interactive games in which your shoe actually becomes the game controller.

So it’s like having a Wii remote strapped to your trainers. Of course we don’t know how much fun that’s going to be. Will it really translate well into a game setting? I guess we’ll find out… Watch the advert below. Not heavy on specifications, but it sure looks interesting..

Anna Leach