Sony Ericsson turns phones green with new Elm and Hazel handsets

370 thumb.jpgDriving the eco-bandwagon into the mobile phone market, Sony Ericsson has just gone and launched a pair of green phones today, the Sony Ericsson Elm and the Hazel.

Elm and Hazel like the trees – the nice green trees.

“The Sony Ericsson Elm and the Sony Ericsson Hazel phones offer consumers a green choice without compromising on features or fun” say the company in a press release.

So, names aside, what’s so green about these handsets?

1. Less energy and raw materials are used in their manufacture and packing:

– Made out of recycled plastics
– Free from hazardous chemicals
– The instructions booklet is not printed on paper but is an e-manual in phone
– Packaging has been minimised

2. The Greenheart phones are designed to be more energy-efficient

– Low power consumption charger (EP300 GreenHeart(TM))
– Clearer voice technology should mean lower volume is required
– A Widget Manager application, which allows users access to their social networking page via the stand-by screen and quickly switch between different social networks, reduces the battery-wasting waiting time.

3. They come with apps for helping you cut down on CO2 and energy use in other areas of your life..
– Walk Mate eco application
– Green calculator

Otherwise, these are nice mobile phones with good cameras: 5 megapixels, with up to 4x digital zoom. It has flash, video, a video light and face and smile recognition. The phones also make social networking easy, with inbuilt widgets.

The Hazel comes in Superior Black and Passionate Rouge, The Elm is a slider and longer and slimmer than the Hazel and comes in Metal Black and Pearly Rose.

The Elm:
370 elm and.jpg

The Hazel:
370 hazel.jpg

The Sony Ericsson Elm and Hazel are set for launch in the first quarter of 2010 and pricing will be announced closer to the time.

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Anna Leach


  • What a great phone and with the Greenness of it sure it will be a big hit..and picked up by sooo many Green Blogs..only problem is it not an IPHONE so *shurg* ill go with Apple …:)


  • I dont have used such a stylus phone before ever. The browser is way quicker than all my other phones. It has lots of features like texting is a lot easier with the touch screen. Music can go really loud with amazing headsets. Camera takes heaps good pictures for a mobile.

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