Wake up to a beeping bomb with the grenade alarm clock

272 grenade 1.jpgThese chuck-it against the wall alarms have always been popular, and gadget4all have given the old concept a slight twist with the introduction of a grenade-shaped one.

Hurl the 75g plastic alarm at the wall and it switches off. Seriously though, that wouldn’t work for me. I would just throw it against the wall and let it sit there, much better if that was a snooze function, or if it genuinely did explode a hole in the landing wall. That would wake me up.

Powered by a button battery, provided with the alarm, it’s a novelty way to wake you up. Though of course, being at the simple end of clock alarms, it’s not going to play your favourite CD or turn the radio on.

$23 from gadget4all.com

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Anna Leach