Peer through holes and into walls with a night vision borescope

271 borescope.jpgFuel your private detective fantasies and uncover the mysteries of your loft space by purchasing this strange wall-penetrating periscope from usbfever. It’s a borescope – a gadget honed for the sole purpose of looking into walls, crevices, floorboards and other dark places.

The retailer’s blurb outlines a scenario when a borescope could be exactly the gadget you need:

If you think your grandfather had some treasures behind the wall for you but you do not want to risk demolishing the wall because you are NOT 100% sure.

On the other hand… I fear to say it, but what you discover in the walls might be really dull – insulation fibres or dead bats. However, if you do suspect that there’s buried treasure, or just an interesting bit of wall – you’ll be glad to have a borescope.

Borescopes have tubes with cameras and lights at the end and then a viewing lens, or in this particular case an LCD screen on the back of the handheld device. You can even record what you see on a SD card, so no need to link up with a TV or computer.

This borescope runs on AC mains, has a waterproof tube, so the camera bit can be sent underwater.

Suggested usages include: Industrial inspection, Science education, Forensics, Jewelers and Printed circuit board (PCB) inspection.

It also suggests that it’s suitable for medical purposes but I certainly would not recommend putting this down your throat or anything else. At least if you do, wash it first.

Available here from usbfever for US$336.99, international delivery available

Anna Leach


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