The USB missile launcher

In a lot of ways, I am a usb gadget journalist. Despite a little existential quiver about this fact yesterday, I do accept my role with devotion and yes love.

Without any more ado, this is the USB missile launcher webcam. Yes, it launches foam missiles for a distance of up to 15ft, with sound effects, and it is also a webcam.

As the makers put it:
The USB Webcam gives you not just the ability to share audio and video online, but a cheeky way to launch foam missiles at targets and friends via webcam.”

Genius. If these guys turned their attention to larger problems like world hunger they’d probably achieve great things.

You and your friend both need a missile-launcher/webcam for this to fully function and you need to be talking on Windows live messenger. Once you’ve both set up the cameras, you can control one another’s missile launchers. And since the camera is conveniently incorporated into this system, you can easily aim directly at your friend, or your friend’s cat/boss.

Like a real-life “poke” but with a foam missile. Not for the serious office environment, it’s fair to say.

$50 on Amazon

[via Webtvwire]

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Anna Leach