Mplayit launch iPhonearcade – a Facebook app for ranking mobile phone apps

Okay concentrate: this is an app for ranking apps. It’s a Facebook app for ranking mobile phone apps. iPhonearcade will make use of your social network on Facebook to let you share comments and reviews with your friends and see what they’re downloading.

It will soon include Android and Blackberry apps as well.
268 myplayiit 2.jpg
Instead of launching as a separate website, Mplayit decided to make their app rating product a Facebook app, so that it could make use of the power of social networks and recommendation to make their rankings more relevant.

They add that having app reviews on a computer screen instead of a mobile screen allows for better understanding of the iPhone app – because you can watch videos and simulations of it – before you make the purchase. Where Apple’s store just gives rankings and comments, the iPhone arcade will: “offer a richer discovery experience by providing thousands of videos and simulations”.

This, they say, gives them an edge over iTunes’ App Store. Mplayit claim their new measure of “apptivity” beats simple popularity.

Interesting. Look out for it.

Anna Leach