Rough Guides travel books to become Vodafone apps

Rough Guide travel books will soon be available as Vodafone apps. Each guide costs only 49p or 49 euro cents, it’s a good deal compared to the books which retail at around £6-7.

Featuring background information for each destination, ‘things not to miss’ plus the best places to eat, shop and drink, these mini guides cover destinations across the globe. Created specifically for the Vodafone 360 Apps Shop they also include an image gallery of the destination.

50 Rough Guide travel guide apps will be available on Vodafone’s flagship launch handset the Vodafone 360 Samsung H1 phone with a further 150 destinations available this autumn for download on the Vodafone 360 Samsung M1 and H1 handsets as well as a range of Nokia Symbian smartphones.

We want to know though, even if all the information is downloaded to the app whether the roaming charges will be prohibitive. More than at almost any other time, a google maps app on your phone would be useful when you are on holiday and lost. When phone companies work out that they don’t have to charge you horrendous rates for foreign calls, the world will be a better place.

It’s always possible to send and receive data over Wifi-enabled phones of course, though there’s always the risk that your phone will start connecting to the 3g network without you realising.

Rough Guides have previously done mobile phone work with Motorola to produce Rough Guides Mobile.

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Anna Leach