The top 10 Bing searches for 2009 – Swine Flu, Twitter and, err, Cash For Clunkers

bing-logo.jpgMicrosoft’s search engine Bing might actually be only half a year old, but that hasn’t stopped it from getting in early with a top 10 searches for 2009. Usually these lists are fairly predictable and the Bing one is no exception. Jacko takes top spot with Swine Flu (which back in the spring was going to kill us all) in at number three. Separating them is Twitter, though it is hard to see why people search for Twitter really as it delivers a pretty dull list of results – Twitter’s home page etc. I guess it is because they are too lazy to type it in as a URL. It is interesting to note though that on both Michael Jackson and Twitter The Guardian gets a place in the top searches. Odd to think all that traffic and they still can’t make money from the web.

Anyhow as for the rest of the searches the ones that caught our eye was Cash for Clunkers, which is a US scheme for giving car owners cash for their old motors. Life is a bit different in the UK and it is hard to imagine to Wonga for Bangers making our Bing list, but there you go.

The full list is below

1) Michael Jackson
2) Twitter
3) Swine Flu
4) Stock Market
5) Farrah Fawcett
6) Patrick Swayze
7) Cash for Clunkers
8) Jon and Kate Gosselin
9) Billy Mays
10) Jaycee Dugard

and the Bing blog comment here.

Ashley Norris