The globe that talks back – IWOOT's Interactive Smart Globe

3d-interactive-smart-globe_main.jpgFor Geography freaks like myself globes are items of real beauty. However as great as spinning a globe, perusing the world and deciding where you are going on holiday is, I can’t help feeling that most globes are a bit two dimensional. Step forward gadget site IWOOT which has just snapped up what sound sounds like the smartest globe ever.

The £99.99 3D Interactive Smart Globe also features a mini on board PC which is powered by a smart pen. All you need do is point the pen in the direction of a country and you can find out fabulous facts about the place via the globe’s built-in speakers. Currency, capital cities, national anthems, history, current leaders and a whole lot more are a click away and as the globe has a USB connection the information it carries can be constantly updated.

It also boasts a series of games including the classic ‘find the city;’ where the globe announces city names and the user has to find them. I’d probably never leave home again.

Ashley Norris


  • The game where to find the city where the globe announces city names and the user has to find them,is a great one,but have this tool a chrono to count the knowledge of geography and the speed of reaction?

  • The price of almost 100 is a resonable one, I mean reporting price / quality.

  • There are a lot of places in the world no one heard about… maybe with help of this Smart Globe sooner the geography will be more easier to understand and visualize.

  • This Interactive Smart Globe is something amazing, I never seen until now a tool like this, and the games incorporated are really good for personal development

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