Motorola Droid's UK debut just days away

motorola droid.jpgIt has been a while coming but apparently Motorola’s hottest new smartphone, the Droid (aka the Milestone), will be landing in the UK within five days. According to website thenextweb it will be on sale via the retailer Expansys by the end of the week. There’s no confirmation as to which networks will take the Droid. Moto’s other recent smartphone, the Dext is on sale via Orange.

The Droid has been a big it in the US with reported sales of over 250,000 in the first week. Its key features are really good quality speakers, integrated turn by turn GPS satellite navigation, plus a corking 3.7inch high resolution screen and very usable full QWERTY keypad.

The handset costs £449.99 contract-free. It’ll be interesting to see how it fares in the UK

Ashley Norris


  • The super speakers integrated in this phone and GPS satellite navigation who can drive you all over the world make this smartphone a real hit!

  • 250k sales in a week is huge,there is nodubt this Motorola is a real succes ,even if the price is a little bit expensive,it diserves all the money.After you own a Motorola like this you’ll have no problems anymore with sleeping.

  • I have this smart iPhone from Motorola and I like it a lot for the options avalaible and interesting design.

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