New Youtube Shows section gets full-length Channel 4 shows

Finally a big TV company gets serious about internet TV – Channel 4 has decided to stream whole shows on Youtube, giving UK users legal access to programmes on demand. FTW, as they say.
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It seems that Google has persuaded TV companies that they can make money out of internet advertising, in a very similar way to how they make money advertising on TV. Yes. Great. Glad some connections are getting made. The results will be more people getting to see more television.

TV programmes like Peep Show, Hollyoaks, Gordon Ramsay’s F Word and Jamie at Home will all be available on Youtube’s new Shows Section.

Channel 4’s watch later app – 4oD is already popular but putting their content on youtube for UK users will drive a whole lot more traffic and make their shows much more googleable.

This could effectively become an iPlayer for Channel 4. Though it does feature shows from up to 60 other partners bringing in Dead Ringers, ITN News and Baywatch among others.

At its launch, Youtube Shows will have about 5000 new videos of which almost 4,000 are full-length programmes. YouTube said it “expects this to significantly increase in the coming months” and the full range of Channel 4 shows will be available in early 2010.

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Anna Leach


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