Casio's Exilim-G1: shock resistant and delightfully slender

Casio’s new Exilim, the EX-G1 claims to be the slimmest shock resistant camera ever. 19.9mm thick, it’s waterproof, dustproof and doesn’t break when you drop it from a height of 2.13 meters (7 feet) onto lauan plywood from any of 26 different angles.

That’s how you test if a camera is shock-resistant apparently.

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Built for athletes, mountaineers, and those whose daily lives take them 7ft above laun plywood on a daily basis, it is also freeze-proof and built from polycarbonate and stainless steel. The double layering of the steel and the fibre-glass polycarbonate absorbs shock and protects the camera body.

It’s waterproof which is pretty cool and can be used at a water depth of three meters (10 feet) for 60 continuous minutes. “Water will not penetrate the camera even when directly sprayed with jets of water from every direction.” God it must be fun testing these things.

The camera can be used at temperatures as low as -10 °C (14 °F) – though this reduces the battery life.

The Exilim-G1 also has a speaker, a microphone and an LCD panel.

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Anna Leach

One thought on “Casio's Exilim-G1: shock resistant and delightfully slender

  • This Handycam looks amazing in photos. I was looking a new camera having best picture quality. I am very happy to know features like, the EX-G1’s shock resistant design elements are found both inside and outside of the slim-line camera. In addition to a high level of performance with 12.1 effective megapixels for taking high resolution photos, the EX-G1 also features interval shooting.

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