Casio's camera for golfers – Exilim Hi-Speed – improves your swing

236 casio.jpgCameras usually have the primary function of taking pictures, but one, just released by Casio has the primary function of improving your golf swing. Rather than holding your arms and talking about posture to you in the manner of a more traditional coach, the Exilim Hi-Speed EX-FS10 videos your swing and then analyses it.

Capturing up to 1000 frames a second, it gathers very detailed information about how you move, then using simple augmented reality graphics it layers lines on top of your image showing how you are and should be moving.

Playback can be super-slow allowing you to see what you couldn’t with the naked eye.
With an AV cable you can plug this into the TV and rewatch your golf swings there. You might get dumped if you do this too often, so think carefully about it.

Top Japanese players and coaches have contributed to the advice and analysis parts of the program, said to be ideal for beginners.

The Exilim has three video modes with the higher resolutions capturing fewer framer per second (fps), the three modes are: 224x64px at 1000fps, 224x168px at 420fps, 480x360px at 210fps-30fps.

Launched initially in Japan, at a price of 34000 yen, it is expected to become internationally available. Casio press release here – google translate if necessary] [viai4u]

Anna Leach