Digital bubble cloud for London's Olympic park?

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Giant solar powered plastic bubbles could soon bob gently over the London skyline if an art project shortlisted for a space in the 2012 Olympics goes ahead. The Cloud, as its designers call it would float above the Olympic park in east London with the giant bubbles capable of displaying data and pictures attached to 400 foot tall towers made of mesh.

The brain child of architects in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The Cloud would show information like weather stats, Olympic results and spectator numbers.
It would also serve as an observation deck and a park.

Ideally also films, music videos and that youtube clip of a squirrel, but i imagine that’s not in their bid for the prize, judged by a committee set up by Boris Johnson. Other shortlistees include Anthony Gormely and Anish Kapoor.

The creators of the idea want to make The Cloud a reality whether they get the gig in London or not, and have set up a website – Raise the Cloud – asking for micro-donations to see if they can raise enough to create their mesh and bubble dream.

They have released several beautiful mock-up images of the project, browse through them in the gallery below.
Click on the image below to start the gallery.

Anna Leach