Knitted superhero costumes: geek chic in cold weather

Doesn’t Batman get chilly when it’s mid-November, there’s a cold breeze blowing and he’s only got skin-tight lyrca between his bulging muscles and the outside world?

Well, now thank god he doesn’t have to. Finally someone has knitted practical acrylic versions of the most popular superhero outfits. This means that superheros and you, the average fangirl/boy can channel superhero chic while keeping warm.

The knitter in question is artist Mark Newport who has hand-knitted versions of famous and no so famous one-piece outfits.

These woolly onesies may not yet be commercially available, but here’s how to get in contact with Mark Newport so why not asking him very nicely to make you one.
We have selected five of Mr Newport’s finest acrylic knitted creations.

Click the image below to start the gallery.

[via itsnicethat]

Anna Leach

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  • Its designed really well. I think this will give an idea to some comic designer for a new comic super hero.

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