MoZoop: transfer old contacts to a new phone

241 mozoop.jpgFree web service MoZoop hopes to take the stress out of changing phones this Christmas. When you receive a shiny new handset you now won’t need to go painstakingly through your contact list typing every digit and detail into your new phone.

Instead you can err “zoop up” your contacts to MoZoop’s secure server and then “zoop them down” to your new phone. The process works through a kind of text message system – but note: both phones including the old handset need to be able to access the internet, or a WAP page at least. So it’s not going to work on every phone.

How does zooping work?

This is how they describe the process:
1. Visit and tell us your old phone number – we’ll send you a text message to get the process started
2. Zoop Up – follow the simple instructions and we’ll zoop your contacts up
3. Tell us your new phone number – we’ll send a text message to your new phone (you can use the same number if you’re swapping your SIM into a new handset)
4. Zoop Down – follow the simple instructions and we’ll zoop your contacts down to your new phone
5. Done – that’s it, your contacts are now on your new phone.

So why’s it free?
Mozoop claim they’re doing it out of Christmas spirits “We’ve launched MoZoop as a free service simply because we think that it’s so useful – it fixes a real problem for thousands of users and we want as many people as possible to be able to use it,” said Neil Kilbride, Lead Developer for MoZoop.

It seems the company behind MoZoop, Esendex, who focus mainly on business clients are just keen to spread their name a little in the consumer world.

They don’t share your contacts with anyone else – so no selling numbers to third parties.

Patrick Smith spokesperson for MoZoop, said it was a technology that people in the company used and that they wanted to make it available to their friends and family and then just decided to go public with it because they could.
Sounds pretty useful.

Anna Leach