The keyboard and mouse made from… bamboo

93 USBBambooKeyboardMouse_7_640.jpgDo you long to feel the fibrous roughness of bamboo under your fingers? You don’t have to go to Thailand or even leave your desk to work with bamboo all day long – thanks to a new bamboo keyboard and mouse from Brando.

Yes – if like the look or feel of natural wood or just want something a bit different at the office, this could be the Bamboo USB keyboard and mouse for you.

Supporting Windows and plugging in via USB, the keyboard is standard size with 106 keys and the mouse has an optical scroll-wheel, which sadly is made of plastic.
The Bamboo is eco-friendly as well. We presume that means they didn’t snatch it from the paws of baby pandas.

93 USBBambooKeyboardMouse_1_640.jpgI love the picture of the green circuit-boards tucked under the wooden shell: cute. You can match it with this bamboo laptop from Asus.

Available together for $52 from Brando

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Anna Leach

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