Photosauce: the Facebook app that jazzes up your photos

158 photosauce.jpgPhotosauce is a new Facebook app from games giant Atari which lets you MTV up your facebook photos with speech bubbles, lipstick, and those Kanye West sunglasses.

The Photosauce app means you can digitally decorate photos on Facebook without having to download them and use photo-editing programmes. Initial graphics offerings include “irreverent sayings and funny accessories” including gold chains, teddy bear helmets and over-sized shades, we are informed. More like MTV graphics than clip art some of the pictures are actually quite cool. Some are definitely cheesy.

They’ll also release seasonal graphics, for Christmas and suchlike and some popular meme graphics (the sort of thing I’m a sucker for).

Tagged friends are notified via the application and receive a message saying “You’ve Been Photo Sauced!” Additionally, Atari Photo Sauce allows users to create digital greeting cards featuring their own photos and special message.

It’s not the sort of thing you want to adorn your artistic shots of Paris or your sister’s wedding with, but perhaps fun for dull shots that could do with a little injection of LOL.

Access the Photosauce app on Facebook here

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Anna Leach