Dishy the app that helps you have dinner parties

91 dishy.jpgAn iPhone app that cooks you dinner!? No, not quite, otherwise boyfriends would be truly redundant. But Dishy is an iPhone app that helps you cook dinner in several ingenious ways: it is a recipe book, a shopping list and a step-by-step guide to actually cooking a meal.

Currently there are 95 recipes included on the app (that used to be called BonApp) and they are searchable by dietary requirements, ingredients (measured in metric or imperial) and cooking time. Users choose one or more dishes to cook, and select how many people they’re serving. Dishy then creates an interactive shopping list for all the ingredients, grouped according to areas in the supermarket. (Good huh, though I doubt they could guess the weirdness of food categorisation in my local Tesco’s, I never can.) As the user shops, items can be ‘ticked off’ on screen.

Dishy also tackles one of cooking’s greatest challenges: getting the timings right. Countdown timers are built into the recipes wherever they are needed, and a progress indicator and expected finish time help the user get all components of the meal on the table at the right time.

If you lack the cool head and ruthless planning required of a dinner party host, this could be the cookery app for you. I have to say the video on the site is pretty impressive. You can change recipes to cater to the number of people you are serving and search for recipes according to the dietary requirements of your guests and how long you want to spend on them. And can browse dishes by picture.

Dishy is available through iTunes and the App Store at a promotional launch price of £1.79 (normal price £2.99). For further information and a video demo, visit our website.


Anna Leach


  • This is really superb – looks really nice and good nice dishes.

    It has made me look like a really good cook as the main thing in cooking is timing !!

    Well done !!

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