Why streetlights are like giant iPod earbuds

77 - apple earbuds.jpgStreetlights in New York were transformed into gigantic white iPod earbuds as part of an Apple advertising stunt. If it were more than a photoshop trick – it would be nice as a surreal piece of street architecture. At the bottom of the stand, a plastic dummy iPod with a real flatscreen inside, plays music videos. We assume the earbuds don’t work.

Advertising always throws up some little surprises: and I had never considered the similarities between earbuds and lampposts. Now that I have, I’m not sure that the new startling association will make me want to buy one, but hey, sure made me think about them.

The pictures are from website New Creatives – an online database of the ideas from the world of advertising. Other gems from the site include a newspaper with three front covers – a piece of print advertising designed to push the newspaper’s website. The front page constantly “refreshes” get it? Like the multiple front page of the print version. Some more proof that web pages are better than print pages.

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[CORRECTION: just a photoshop trick, contrary to what was previously stated. Not real guys, sorry]
Anna Leach

One thought on “Why streetlights are like giant iPod earbuds

  • Either you’re not very bright, or you don’t think your readers are.
    “Not just a photoshop trick”?? Please.

    1.The shadow is all wrong on the iPod
    2. Apple aren’t going to let U2 appear even remotely related to anything they do until Satan is going to work on skis.
    3. The background contains the exact same school bus in the exact same location in both shots. You think it just waited there while they painted the streetlights white? It’s the same picture, just PHOTOSHOPPED!

    Epic Fail.

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