Tweet what you eat: how to diet with Twitter

78 twye.jpgSome people think that tweeting about your lunch is tedious – but one visionary saw the potential in food microblogging and set up a new website Tweet What You Eat. So much more than a collection of random trivia – it’s a dieting tool, a calorie counter and – pay attention tweople – it worked for Stephen Fry. Who are we to question it.

You can enter your food diary posts direct to the site or you can message TWYE (Tweet What You Eat) direct from main Twitter. Put food items in separated by commas with the calorie count in colons at the end.

Example: “d @twye apple, coffee: 65” great.

It has built up a database with how many calories are in each piece of food working on crowdsourced data, Crowd Cal as it calls itself. It’s not 100% accurate but it works quite well, apparently: public shaming and technology combining to be really effective.

On the site you can also add your weight and then chart your weight against your food micro-blog. Great. Last week we covered a weighing machine that texted your weight direct to your phone. Imagine if weighing machine and fridge (why not?) had direct access to your Twitter account. The ultimate terrifying weightwatching device.

Followers of the hilarious stream of tweets known as the Shiny Shiny twitter may know that occasionally we do tweet about sandwiches – not in a very organised way, we admit. But it is like we predicted this or something.

As Techdigest mention, this would be best with an iPhone and Android app.

Anna Leach