T-Mobile apologises for "shoddy service" on mobile broadband service

T-Mob3GModemstraight.jpgMobile broadband dongles have been around for a while now, going from a business buy to a household necessity.

Over the past year many deals have sprung up offering free laptops with mobile broadband contracts, which would in my eyes suggest that these are set to replace the standard wireless connection and work just as well.

I have been a bit slow on the uptake here preferring to use my trusty Virgin connection but after much consideration decided to bite the bullet and buy one of these genius gadgets.

I chose to try out a T-Mobile pay as you dongle, as the coverage in my area was good. It’s easy to install and once you’re set up, you ready to go. Or so I thought.

On my first day of use the device cut out more times than I could imagine, cue lots of calls to T-Mobile. The people on the other end couldn’t see the problem and their first idea was to refresh my dongle. What this basically means is that you can’t go online for half an hour.

But of course after this time the problem wasn’t resolved, cue another call to T-Mobile, where I sat through an hour of usage and directions but with no result.

Now I’m sure if we can take this as admittance of failure but, by the end of the call, and after all routes were exhausted the technical guy apologised for the “shabby service” and told me I could be better off with another provider.

I’ve been advised to take the dongle back to the store and replace it with a 3 or Vodafone device. Not really something T-Mobile bosses would be happy to hear.

I want to make sure this problem isn’t just happening to me so please leave your comments below and let me know if you have had any problems with your dongle provider.

Andrea Petrou


  • I’m tied into a Vodaphone dongle on a two year contract – the ads showed the gizmo with fire coming out of it like a rocket. It is bloody useless and I hardly use it but I still have to pay £12 a month for the thing. It is slow, it can’t load complex pages like facebook – it’s only for when I’m desperate but it’s worse than the old fashioned dial up. I think they should be sued for their advertising.

  • I had the same thing although mine worked for about 8 months then suddenly didn’t. Took numerous phone calls, months of contacting them (and apparently still having to pay the bill) when they then decided to send me a new one. It took over six months to sort.

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