Lady Gaga launches Heartbeat headphones with help from Monster

ladygagaheartbeats3.jpgNow I’m not really one for celebrity technology but I had to mention these new headphones, launched by pop starlet Lady Gaga.

Following in the steps of Dr Dre who launched a similar product a while back, Heartbeats, which have been made by Monster are said to be engineered to deliver the music as ‘the artist intended you to hear’.

They are said to offer ‘high-end sonic clarity and a pounding bass that should do justice to any tune’.

Noel Lee, head of Monster, said: ‘There is no headphone that sounds quite like it, regardless of price.’

In keeping with Lady Gaga’s style the headphones are jewel encrusted, come with multiple ear-tips and a travel case. They also have the Monster ControlTalk feature, which will let you answer phone calls on your iPhone.

The headphones haven’t reached us over here in the UK yet but will soon be on sale in America for around $100-$150.

Andrea Petrou


  • There are so many copied monster beats by dr. dre
    in the market and my friends got them in some website ,well I think they are look good but have the different quality when listen to the music ,well the makers of who make the real one will be angry and crazy for the fake are so cheap ….

  • It is more detail of performance with Monster beats solo HD headphones. and beats headphones cable with ControlTalk?. Suits for travel is obvious wise to choose beats dr dre.

  • These earphones are totally awesome! They work brilliantly together with my iPod and iPhone. I really love them. I got them at Lady Gaga Heartbeats . They are great!

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