10 most stupid things to do on the internet

20 somethings are branding themselves with the equivalent of a digital tattoo claims internet security group Symantec and their pictures, comments and personal details could land them in hot water.

According to internet security group Symantec, 35% of under 30s don’t worry about what they post online. 32% admit they want to delete parts of their ‘digital tattoo’; and 62% of under 25s put personal photographs on the web.

And it’s not just the young ‘uns getting in trouble over this, you can send an email to the wrong person at any age and if that email has got, well, the wrong sort of content, it’s going to be a bit problematic.

But what can we say? The internet is about sharing and that’s why it’s fun. While obviously taking a few precautions (you never know when the Daily Mail will post an article about you getting drunk) we don’t want everyone just writing about the weather.

However for your guidance we have drawn up an extremely helpful list of real life stories that you can learn from. These men and women have suffered shame and embarrassment so you don’t have to.

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Anna Leach


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