Hi-Grade launches laptops for fashion conscious girls

W5900-Rear-Left-lo.jpgThe girl’s tech world is split between women who are happy to buy a girl’s laptop and others who refuse point blank to go for anything that they don’t see as serious technology.

I have to say I think I’m in the middle. I admit I have a pink netbook, but, I read the specs before I bought it.

However, if you are the kind of girl that goes for fashion then these new laptops are for you.

Hi-Grade has launched its W5900 custom laptop range with a design to suit “all fashion conscious females.”

Following on from Hi-Grade’s success with its pink W5700P laptop, the computer manufacturer has apparently recognised that women are “currently leading the way in the consumer technology market and customisation is becoming an important way to stand out from the crowd.”

The three new designs within the range include the Graffiti pattern, the pink leopard print design and the shopping range, which features four fashionable women on a sleek black background.
w5900 leopard.jpg

Unfortuantely we haven’t got any specs to hand, apart from the fact the laptops come with Windows Vista Home. They cost £394.50.

Andrea Petrou