Xtranormal turns your blog posts into computer animations

53. xtranormal.jpgMaking a blog post got just a whole lot more fun since someone invented a way for animated avatars to speak the words you write.

Previously, creating a small two person cartoon would require considerable animating skill and knowledge of design programmes I don’t even know the names of.

But with a preloaded template on website Xtranormal you just need to type a few words in a text box to make a short little two person dialogue. You then choose from a limited range of facial expressions, music and sound effects to make the film a little more complex and it wraps it up into a short piece for you. You have to register, but everything else is free. The next two paragraphs are narrated by computer animations, I call the characters Jim and Sadie. They happen to be in a bowling alley. I cheated on camera angles by letting the programme do them automatically.

Check out our little Xtranormal creation after the jump

Yes they sound like emotion-less robots and the intonation is a bit random but fun eh?

Anna Leach